Jun 14, 2022·edited Jun 14, 2022

This talk of the word "church" and all its issues has been something God has also revealed to me. I've also spoken to countless peers who received the exact same revelation, but through different circumstances, that we need a cultural shift in how we use this word. I'm convinced the Holy Spirit is revealing this intentionally for such a time as this.

In Vietnamese, my mother tongue, "church" can't be directly translated into a single term and isn't used the same way as in English. It can only be translated into 3 distinct phrases: chia phái ("denomination" or literally: "divided faction"), nhà thờ ("worship building"), and hội thánh (literally: "the holy gathering"). In fact, because Vietnamese culture is intensely collective, the word for denomination, "divided faction," naturally makes the term and idea culturally unpopular among Viet Christians. On the other hand, Western Christians seem so proud of their denominational labels that what doctrine they claim to follow holds more weight than Who they claim to follow (mind-boggling to me). It's fascinating how powerfully language can influence cultural thought, and cultural thought influences language.

Google "Jesus eraser by nakedpastor" for a potently satirical comic on this topic.

I'm also convinced the tsunami is coming. There will be unprecedented difficulty, persecution, falling away, but also repentance, reform, and revival. I've actually begun to throw the shaka sign more, because if a big wave's coming, why not ride it? Surf's up, nameen? Hang ten! 🤙🤙🌊🏄

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